Articulate Storyline

Here are some examples either prior, during or portions of after build. I was trying to be somewhat discreet in sharing client project(s) ideas. Triggers are similar to Captivate Advanced Actions.

Articulate Storyline – Accessibility

The circles display states of actions displayed when clicked.


Articulate Storyline – Interaction Completes, see triggers below for the actions that occur.

Articulate Storyline – Mission example for a client. Audio added to timeline. Captions for accessibility.


Articulate Storyline – Avatars

Choice avatars when setting up a pathway above. Multiple avatars to define multiple paths below. I can build any number of avatars/paths needed to tell a story or define a process.

Articulate Storyline – Split Screen Scenario examples are similar to those used for actual client projects to give a choice of two different scenario paths. Whether they be avatars as above or whole scenario screens as below.

Articulate Storyline – Accordion Example using Layers.

Articulate Storyline – Interactive Decision Tree example for a client build. Choice/paths can be complex and lead you through a whole training or skip areas of a training. Some going to test out if conditions apply.

Articulate Storyline – 5 Tab Layers / Triggers example during a build out for a client project. After clicking each tab a layers is revealed and a checkmark appears after clicking. After each tab is clicked, user is able to advance to next page.

Articulate Storyline – Timeline Interaction example prior to the build out for a client project.

Articulate Storyline – Timeline Planner example prior to the build out for a client project.

Articulate Storyline – Corporate Governance Layout example prior to the build out for a client project. These are similar to those use for compliance trainings usually around government initiatives.
(Starting point can be PowerPoint or Storyline, PowerPoints can be converted to Storyline later.)

Articulate Storyline – Triggers used for example of the build for a client project.