Hire and Develop the Best

Sandra Burns

Leadership Principle Worksheet 

This worksheet was designed to share how I align my experience with Amazon’s Leadership Principles. I’ve written down a couple of detailed examples from my experience that relate to each of Amazon’s Leadership Principles. Enjoy! Sandra Burns

Hire and Develop the Best: Leaders raise the performance bar with every hire and promotion. They recognize exceptional talent, and willingly move them throughout the organization. Leaders develop leaders and take seriously their role in coaching others. We work on behalf of our people to invent mechanisms for development like career choice.

Example 1: 

Situation: When I transitions from an Adobe Engineer to train in Adobe Software I knew my own strengths and weaknesses.

Task: I needed to seek out other trainers that were Adobe Certified Trainers or ACT’s. 

Action: I sought out other trainers to cover for any trainings I was not an Adobe expert in.

Result: My group of trainers and I covered the full gamut of Adobe Software to train in as ACTP’s this allowed us the opportunity to  be listed on the Adobe website. By being listed we would get calls from a variety of companies who needed training.

Example 2: Amex started as 1 of 3 designers, to 6 for html 5, to Sr ID assisting learning manager on training them though their errors.

Situation: I and 2 other designers were hired to rebrand Amex training files both ILT and WBT. 

Task: We re-branded files with many more to go. While still rebranding we had to start the next stage of the project was to convert to html 5, 6 more designers were hired.  My boss recognized my knowledge and speed as I was kicking out the majority of finished files end to end then elevated me to Sr. ID

Action: I started doing less branding and converting to html 5, as I was in charge to check everyone’s files for accuracy. I also became Cornerstone Business Unit Learning Manager Certified to upload the files to our LMS and retest.

Result: We rebranded and converted thousands of files, the others moved on to different projects, while my boss and I checked and uploaded the remainder to the LMS. Then we moved on to other projects. The captain and first mate making sure the ship was complete and ready to sail!


  • Drea (ID Mgr), 
  • Original 3: Gloria (ILT), Deb (WBT) and myself (ILT/WBT both Captivate/Storyline).
  • Next 6: Aru (video), David (html/code), Sheila (video), Juan (Storyline only), Evie (ILT), Joan (WBT)