Gerlach and Ely design model

  • Gerlach and Ely design modelThe central focus of the Gerlach & Ely model is on systematic planning, with equal emphasis on two essential factors of effective teaching: clearly defining teaching goals; and methods for reaching each of the desired learning outcomes. To that end, each of the ten elements defined within this model address one or more of these factors.
    Gerlach and Ely Instructional Design Model
    Gerlach and Ely Instructional Design Model
    1. Specification of Content
    2. Specification of Objectives
    3. Assessment of Entering Behaviors
    4. Determination of Strategy
    5. Organization of Groups
    6. Allocation of Time
    7. Allocation of Space
    8. Selection of Resources
    9. Evaluation of Performance
    10. Analysis of Feedback