Adobe Captivate

ASU OKED Project:

I created two Adobe Captivate projects; one navigating the OKED website, OKED SCIVAL Demo. The other navigating the search tools for grant writing and Funding-Tools-red-yellow. (Unfortunately they are no longer available on ASU Find Funding site for Pivot and SciVal.)


Situation: American Express Branding Project

Task: Rebrand hundreds of AMEX Training from many different departments.

Action: I helped lead a team to fix/update branding issues to make hundreds of elearning in both Articulate and Adobe Captivate. Projects were tested in html5. Projects uploaded, tested and deployed on LMS. I was Cornerstone Business Unit Learning Manager Certified to be responsible for the uploads and testing.

I also assisted the learning manager to train team of 12 ID’s, or show tips and tricks during our daily 1 hour meetings. The goal was to fix problems found to minimize future issues before they came to me for testing to speed up the process, in order for us to meet our deadline. I enjoy participating in a community of practice were we all get to learn from each other and dedicating time to find the root cause to offer a solution. 

Results: Better working and looking training modules, in branded colors and fonts, that are now html 5 compatible within our target deadline. Also, helped in the creation of a more seasoned team for future projects at AMEX.


Situation: American Express Compliance Training

There were managers that raised business integrity concerns around call center representatives behaviors. A similar story was publicized in this news article however focused more on sales practices. There’s no doubt the project I was put on had high visibility to correct such practices via an elearning module we called “Business Integrity” that would be deployed worldwide.

Task: Build a compliance training that addresses the areas of concerns. 

Action: I built a compliance training that addressed 3 main areas of concerns with scenarios. I used  animated characters in several of these situations  for 4 targeted groups. There were three choices given when asked, “What would you do?” There was instant feedback on correct or incorrect answers. They would be sent to the next scenario and their score tallied, they had to have an 80% to pass or start over. I could have built in that they had to get it right before moving on as well. I also could have used photo, video or augmented reality to convey the same thing, this group loved  the animated characters for expediency to convey a heavy subject matter.

Result: This project had high visibility as it became a global compliance training with VP/Director level managers approval/accolades on the scenario builds. It was translated to several languages besides English there was; Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Chinese, Japanese. I worked with translators on any language adjustments. Then, assisted in the uploads to the LMS, as I was also Cornerstone Business Unit Learning Manager Certified.

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