PowerPoint to Storyline

Many projects start off in PowerPoint whether as a storyboard for an ILT or later a VLT to share with other team members for a better understanding of the training layout. PowerPoint enables better transtioning to elearrning via Storyline as it will bring in editable text, graphics and other media. Whereas Adobe Captivate at the time of this post will import a PowerPoint as an uneditable graphic. Here are some PowerPoint to Storyline conversions. These ideas can then go on to have the additional features Storyline has to offer such as interactive layers vs. a gradual build over many slides, etc. Also, Storyline’s review 360 is another way team members can review trainings.

A walk-through of a portal dashboard. (Skip to Dashboard in collapsible menu on the left once clicked)

Timed assessment feedback on answers, rollover states on answer choices.

Another timed test with 50 questions feedback on answers, rollover states on answer choices.

Old scenarios with optional looks to be chosesn

New Scenario images and layouts chosen from the previous link


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